Internet Connected TV Sales Rising

Published: 16th July 2010
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For Internet TV lovers more used to watching content on the big screen, the good news is that sales of Internet enabled television sets growing rapidly according to reports from Quixel Research. This matches our prediction of Inbuilt Internet TV becoming the big thing for 2009

In the second quarter of 2009, the revenue from inside the US from televisions that have built in Internet capabilities grew 40% to over $1 billion. This compares to $776 million made from these tv's in the first quarter of 2009.

In terms of unit sales, shipments rose 70% to 620,000 units, compared to 365,000 units in the previous quarter, Quixel said. Unit sales in the first half of 2009 exceeded the total for 2008, which was 985,000 units.

These figures show that consumers are hungry for internet content on their big screen televisions and to access Web services. This can be to watch tv streams and videos from Youtube (see Youtube XL release for tv viewing) and Hulu or rent movies from Netflix. The sets also allow integration with social network sites and other internet features whilst watching traditional TV.

"The timing is right for consumer adoption of connected TVs," Quixel analyst Tamaryn Pratt said in a statement. "The majority of people already have high-speed broadband in their homes, and with the increased availability of premium content via the Internet... manufacturers are capitalizing on consumers' desire to watch programming on a much larger screen than their computer monitors."

Quixel has estimated around 15-20% of TVs with built in internet capabilities are actually connected to the web in households. However this percentage is expected to grow rapidly by the end of 2009.

Internet connected plasma televisions in the second quarter showed the largest quarterly growth rate at 202% in terms of unit sales and 163% in revenue, which rose to $293 million from $111 million. Unit sales of connected LCD TVs rose by 40% and and revenue was up 20% to $795 million.

The rising trend in accessing Web based content on large screen TV's is increasing the amount of content supplied by Internet companies. The big pay tv players such as Amazon, Netflix, and Blockbuster have all announced additional TV and movie content from major entertainment studios.

The Cable companies are also hotly pursuing an internet based pay television model and of course ther is plenty of free content to watch vis these tv sets as well. You can be pretty certain that soon all tv sets will come internet enabled further growing the internet tv sector.

Social Media Websites such as Facebook and Bebo are not as popular to the internet enabled public as watching TV online, so says a new survey. An ever increasing number of users are leaving cable and watching the same shows on their internet enabled PC or other device, and now it has been confirmed that more users watch internet TV than visit popular social media sites.

The study by Pew Internet and American Life Project who surveyed over 2250 people also came up with some other interesting online tv facts:-

62% of adult Internet users watched a video or tv show online, up from just 33% in December 2006, and online video use is near universal by people younger than 18.

TV shows online are gaining popularity as 35% of Internet users say they now watch favorite shows online, up from just 16% in 2007.

The percentage of older viewers (65 plus) watching video online is nearly 30%, up from just 10% in 2006. At this rate, around half of the older generation over 65 could be viewing internet video very soon.

Of course the growth of broadband enabled households has helped the massive growth of online video. High speed Internet enabled households is now exceeding 63% in America. The popularity of Web video sites like YouTube and Hulu are helping push the trend as well. And of course worldtvpc.

Cellular mobile phone video is also gaining in popularity, although at a slower rate. 14% of cellular customers now watch video, up from around 10% in 2007.

The percentage of men vs women watching online tv has changed as well. Men have always watched more online tv and video than women. However the gap has narrowed. The share of women who visit video sharing sites has grown from 46% in 2008 to 59% now. Among men, 65% now watch online video, up from 57% in just last year.

The online tv revolution is having a big impact on the cable TV companies too.

Over 22% of Americans reveal that they have cut back on their cable TV service and nearly a third of those people have connected the PC to the Large screen and watched internet TV on the big screen.

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